Friday, October 16, 2009

5:33 PM

Time for Something New?

I'm thinking very seriously of completely trashing this blog. By that I mean blowing away all of the old posts and blowing away this template, and going with something entirely new.

Stay tuned.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

10:42 AM

As Lições de Português

I blog so infrequently anymore that I now wonder if it's even worth the bother to continue to maintain this blog. Nonetheless, blog I will... today.

I'm trying to make it a regular habit to study Portuguese, and make a much better effort at learning, and becoming at least competent in, a second language. I've not been as consistent about this as I would like, though. I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, except that of late I've experienced quite a lack of motivation (hopefully, that's not a sign that I'm depressed; I don't think I am).

I thought for today that I'd blog the vocabulary words I'm learning in the current lesson I've been studying in my Portuguese course, as well as the one verb that's been covered thus far. Here we go:

  1. olá — hi, hello
  2. bom dia — good morning, good day
  3. Como estás? — How are you? [said to a good friend]
  4. bem — fine, well
  5. obrigado/a — thank you [said by a man/a woman]
  6. boa noite — good evening, good night
  7. até amanhã — see you tomorrow
  8. adeus — good-bye [typically said when you don't expect to see someone again, or don't expect to see them for a long time]
  9. até logo — see you later
  10. boa tarde — good afternoon
  11. a todos — to everybody
  12. Senhor — Mr
  13. Como está? — How are you? [formal]
  14. Dona — Mrs
  15. Tudo bem? — Everything OK?/Everything well?
  16. faz favor — What can I get you? [also excuse me]
  17. um café — café; a (cup of) black coffee [usually espresso]
  18. e — and
  19. uma água mineral — mineral water
  20. por favor — please
  21. um pastel de natas — custard tart [very delicious, too, and often eaten with cinnamon sprinkled on top]
  22. muito bem — very good, very well, OK
  23. uma cerveja — beer
  24. um bolinho de bacalhau — codfish cake
  25. ora bem — right then
  26. sim — yes
  27. ou — or
  28. a garrafa — bottle
  29. não — no
  30. pelo menos — at least
  31. o vinho tinto — red wine
  32. o vinho branco — white wine
  33. então — so
  34. o sumo — juice
  35. a laranja — orange
  36. a maçã — apple
  37. para — for
  38. o convidado/a convidada — guest
  39. a bebida — drink
  40. variado/a — various
  41. o bolo — cake
  42. a avenida — avenue
  43. a doçura — sweetness
  44. a rua — street
  45. as especialidades — specialities
  46. serviço à listaà la carte
  47. a qualidade — quality
  48. estar de dieta — to be on a diet
  49. mas — but
  50. muito — very, much
  51. magro/a — thin
  52. o croissant — croissant
  53. óptimo/a — great, wonderful
  54. a nata — cream
  55. pronto — right, so
  56. com gás — sparkling (literally "with gas") [often uma água com gás, sparkling water]
  57. sem gás — still (literally "without gas") [often uma água sem gás, still water]
  58. a caloria — calorie

  • o — the [masculine singular]
  • os — the [masculine plural]
  • a — the [feminine singular]
  • as — the [feminine plural]

  • um — a/an/some [masculine singular]
  • uns — a/an/some [masculine plural]
  • uma — a/an/some [feminine singular]
  • umas — a/an/some [feminine plural]

    Numbers: 1-30
  1. um/uma
  2. dois
  3. três
  4. quatro
  5. cinco
  6. seis
  7. sete
  8. oito
  9. nove
  10. dez
  11. onze
  12. doze
  13. treze
  14. catorze
  15. quinze
  16. dezasseis
  17. dezassete
  18. dezoito
  19. dezanove
  20. vinte
  21. vinte e um/uma
  22. vinte e dois
  23. vinte e três
  24. vinte e quatro
  25. vinte e cinco
  26. vinte e seis
  27. vinte e sete
  28. vinto e oito
  29. vinte e nove
  30. trinta

eu estou — I am
tu estás — you are
ele/ela está — he/she/it is
nós estamos — we are
você estais — you are (plural)
eles/elas estão — they are/it is (plural)

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Friday, February 27, 2009

1:40 AM


I'm not sure quite what I'll be doing yet, but I'm giving thought to making some changes to my blog template. This one has served me well, but it's not going to go entirely by the wayside, either. There are things I still like about it. I'm just thinking of giving it some tweaks, especially with the title graphic. We'll see what transpires. :)

I also need to update that list of goals to the left there. It's gone untouched since I blogged my goals for 2009. Tch! Shame!

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1:03 AM


equilibriumEquilibrium, a film by Kurt Wimmer, is a yet another movie about a future dystopian society. It struck me as Farhenheit 451 meets Brave New World meets 1984, and even Wikipedia says as much. What Wikipedia failed to add, however, that I will, is that Equilibrium also adds Matrix-like choreography to the fight scenes. Despite all this seeming borrowing from famous novels and movies, Equilibrium is not without entertainment value. I'll admit to having a rather fondness for stories/movies set in a dystopian society. I grew up a huge fan of science fiction of this sort.

Christian Bale stars as John Preston, a Grammaton Cleric who, in a world where via a drug called Prozium, humankind has managed to conquer the evils of the darker human emotions, but at the cost of having also lost the more positive emotions. As expected in a story set in a dystopian society, there is the Underground. Just as Fahrenheit 451 had its lovers of books, Equilibrium has its lovers of emotion. Those who don't take Prozium and who are part of the Underground are said to live in the Nether. Those who do take Prozium but who stop doing so are "sense-offenders".

I've written stories of this sort myself, but it's been quite some time since I've done so. I may try another eventually, but not at the moment. I'm currently in the midst of working on what is probably best called a steampunk fantasy. I'm not entirely certain that the two mix well together, since steampunk typically includes all manner of hardware that might be found in the Victorian Era, but this is what I'm working on. Genres grow and change, expand and contract. Their envelopes get pushed, and I'm certainly not averse to doing some pushing of my own.

If you've not seen Equilibrium, I glady recommend renting it.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

4:51 PM

2009 Goals

Okay. Time to discuss my goals for 2009. There's going to be a bit of repetition here, so don't count on anything exciting or groundbreaking. :P

Here goes . . .

  1. Lose weight.
    Goal: 150-159 lbs (68,0-72,1 kgs).
    Yes, again. I figure if I keep making it a goal, at the very least I may embarrass myself into actually doing something about it. :P

  2. Write.
    Goal: 150,000 words.
    You know this is always going to be on my list. The only thing that might change on it is the number of words I'm aiming to write. A slight modification to this, though. First, my goal is to write 150,000 words. Second, I'll be happy if I at least match what I did last year, at 80,000 words, but I'll be fuckin' ecstatic if I can exceed that. I'm positive I can, but we'll see what happens.

  3. Read.
    Goal: 30-40 books (novels/anthologies/plays/other).
    Seems reasonable to stay with this.

  4. Visit Portugal.
    Goal: By Spring 2009.
    Although this involves a financial consideration, it's gonna happen. It's a staple on my annual list of goals. However, I may or may not visit some place else in Europe, as I've been doing. I'd love to, but I'm not sure if that'll happen or not. My goal has always been to either visit another place I've never been to, or to see another part of Portugal I've not seen before. This year, it could very well be that I'll have to settle for visiting another part of Portugal.

  5. Learn Portuguese.
    Goal: Finish the Hugo Portuguese course.
    Now I'm really repeating myself! I've duplicated everything from last year's list thus far. I don't care, though. Although I could be much farther along in my life goal of becoming fluent in three other languages, aside from English, than I am now, I'm not giving up. This is something I'd really like to do.

  6. Save for travel.
    Goal: $$$$
    Threw you for a loop with that one, didn't I? :P Well, not really. Not if you're at all observant. This just got bumped up from #7 on last year's list. This, too, though, is likely to remain a staple on my list of annual goals. For personal reasons, I refuse to list the specific dollar amount.

  7. Buy a folding bike.
    Goal: Purchase a Dahon.
    Yeah, I know. I'm still repeating myself. Well, as I see it, now that I've cleared the roadblock of debt from my life, there's no excuse for not accomplishing this one this year. I hope to do this sometime this Spring, so that I can really enjoy it throughout most of this year.

  8. Edit and submit stories for publication.
    Goal: 4 stories.
    I can't let this one just fall by the wayside. I've got to keep on keepin' on, as we used to say years ago. I am beginning to question my drive in accomplishing this goal, though, given my track record over the past few years. I ought to be ashamed of myself.

  9. Continue with accomplishing my life goals.
    Goal: Accomplish at least one goal from my list.
    If I'm going to accomplish those goals, then they have to appear on this list regularly. Boring, I know, but true.

  10. Save towards buying a new saxophone, a straight Eb Alto by L.A. Sax.
    Goal: $$$$
    The dollar amount I'm aiming to have saved towards this goal by year's end is lower than the goal I had for last year. I loved playing sax when I was younger, though, and I'd like to start doing so again. My oldest son is playing clarinet, and when I visited my sons last, I tried playing his clarinet and was actually able to do so without making it squeak or squeal. Given how long it's been since I last played a sax, or any woodwind instrument, I was pleasantly surprised. I take that as a sign that I'll be able to pick it up relatively easily once I have the new sax in hand. The actual purchase, though, may not happen for a couple of years.

  11. Travel writing.
    Goal: Read the books I own on this subject, and perhaps buy one or two more, so that I can learn as much as I can about it.
    Because I enjoy traveling so much and because I also enjoy writing, I figure why not try to make a little money off it. It's an endeavor that'll let me combine two of my favourite interests: writing and photography.

  12. Theatre.
    Goal: Go see at least one stage play this year.
    I love the theatre, but it's been—well, aside from seeing a Broadway play last year when I went to NYC, and it was a musical, not a dramatic play—it's been a long time since I've seen a good play.

Well, there you have it. My goals for this year. They all seem reasonable. They all seem quite doable. Some of them are going to require me to stop being damned lazy, obviously. We'll see how I've done a year from now.

Now I need to update the sidebar in my blog here to reflect these goals. We'll see how long that takes!

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